Company Introduction


KONG FAI MOULDS LIMITED (named KONG FAI INDUSTRIAL COMPANY   before) was established in October 2008。 We are a professional company which provides mold development, production and injection in a sizeable factory of total area reached 1600 sq。ft。 Bringing our client the best quality, we develop a reputation among the industry worldwide。 With the positive business growth and the adaptation to fast-changing markets, we introduced the best molding machine with the latest technology like Precision Milling Machines, Grinding Machines, Spark Machines, Wire-Cutting Machines, CNC Injection Molding Machines and Hexagon Three-Coordinate Detector from Taiwan, Japan and Mainland China etc. Under the guidance of our General Manager, Mr。 Luk, our business philosophy is “Gaining a foothold by Best Quality, Earning a Market by Excellent Service”。 Thanks to the appreciation of our client throughout the years, a positive corporate image was built which brought us the chance to cooperate with international well-known companies。 With the short lead time and supportive after-sales service, we have obtained a very positive business growth continuously。


We strive for perfection in service quality through development of a professional and reliable system, as well as strong team spirit and power. Our Management Team and all Front-line Technicians are well-experienced and responsible. Make use of P.D.C.A Management Cycle, we ensure our products with high quality and serving in the best service within the short lead time. And most importantly, under a reasonable cost. Feel free to visit us anytime or access to our company website to know more. We look forward to cooperating with you soon!


Case Center

  • Mould real shot

  • Mould water transport

  • Die case

  • Mould real shot

  • Die case

  • Mould real shot

  • Mould real shot

  • Mould real shot

Equipment Display

  • Wire cutting

    Wire cutting
  • EDM machining

    EDM 加工
  • Three - dimensional inspec

    Three - dimensional inspection
  • Die polishing

    Die polishing
  • vertical milling machine

    vertical milling machine
  • Workshop corner

    Workshop corner
  • CNC

  • Conference room

    Conference room


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